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What kind of picture is more attractive for fiverr gigs?

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12 minutes ago, sakib_shahriyar said:

What kind of picture is more attractive for fiverr gigs? 

A gig cover/picture that represents YOUR service(s). Your imagery; your service.

13 minutes ago, sakib_shahriyar said:

Which one would you choose? if you are a buyerr?

Buyers are not the same; each buyer is unique. You are going to have to research and study YOUR unique target customers, and figure out what THEY like, and what appeals to THEM. We, here on the forum, are not your target customers. It doesn't matter what we would choose, because we are not the people to whom you are selling your services. Being a freelancer means appealing to the specific group of people that need your services. Have you done your research? Do you know who those people are, and what they like/need?

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