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Can I promote my gig through Facebook ads?

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According to fiverr you can find where your potential buyers spend their time online. This could be forums like Facebook groups. In doing this, avoid randomly posting about your Gig. Become a part of the community and find a natural place to mention your services. This also carries over to paid efforts of getting traffic to your Gigs. Facebook ads, web banners, guest blog posting, and the like are all ways of getting your Fiverr business out there. Be sure to tailor your advertising to your demographic. As stated many times in this post, use the extraordinary sellers on Fiverr to help you with these efforts. Trying to learn internet marketing on your own can lead you into a black hole of confusion.

So you can do it.

And make sure you know well how this facebook ads can help you to promote your business. It may help you to achieve better value on your spending on ads.


Additionally, this topic may help you


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