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Promoted Gigs Enabled after 4 months then after a week got disabled once again!


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Hey guys, so i was having an problem regardless Promoted Gigs feature keep in mind it was disabled for more then 4 months,

however i got it back on 4 of march i got a good amount of orders i delivered all of them then out of the sudden it's got disabled once again on 14 of march,

i don't really understand what is that? I delivered the orders all of of them with good quality and on time with 5 star review too!

I'm not sure why Fiverr always trying to pushing me away. I'm a level 2 seller with over 800 reviews! it's became so frustrating to be honest.

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mean your gigs are not eligible for promoted gig feature.

Try to get some honest feedbacks and also ty to improve gig quality delivery they will enable when they think that quality is great

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