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New to Fiverr but Not to Freelancing


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Hello my fellow Freelancers!

I have been freelancing for about five years now, mostly obtaining gigs through Upwork, word-of-mouth, and via contracts with small firms that focus on writing based content. While I have an excellent 100% satisfaction rating on Upwork, I don't have a portfolio site yet (I know, I know -- I'm working on it!)

I'm wondering what is the best way to go about landing my first Fiverr gigs? I feel it may be initially challenging since buyers here are unable to see my client ratings from other freelance platforms?

How did you all go about attaining clients when you first joined Fiverr? I don't want to lowball myself to get work here, as I know what my worth is, but I'm also aware buyers will be more inclined to work with a seller who already has an established track record of success on this site. Also, I'm use to applying for gigs, rather than solely sitting back and waiting for buyers to come to me. Is there a way to apply for projects on this site? I'm almost embarrassed asking these questions as you all are probably well-established here but I figure who better to ask?!

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2 hours ago, ibradford1127 said:

Is there a way to apply for projects on this site?

You have buyer requests, but those are usually a cesspool with potential buyers that always tend to undervalue projects just because there are always lots of people applying to those requests. So I don't recommend that. Create gigs that you enjoy working on and I do recommend trying a lower price point. Then you go from there. Promoting your profile also helps, but it depends where you promote it, obviously. 🙂

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