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Is it worth lead generation and email marketing for any business?



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4 hours ago, marketgurustar said:

Some of says its not so worthy and some says its amazing.

Both are right.

As for how both can be right: it depends on both the target market and the kind of service being marketed. A marketing campaign or pitch can be a complete flop if it doesn't connect a consumer problem with a business solution.

As an example, consider: someone selling old folk smartphones probably won't have much (if any) success with a leads email campaign, because many old people don't have email AND/OR many old folks who would want a smart phone would already have one.

A big part of marketing is knowing your buyer persona

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That depends on your product, your subscriber list quality and the email swipes you are using are 3 very important factors in email promotion.  

Above all, you have to start building a relationship with the client.  In my experience I have used email swipes based on stories and it has worked well for me.  age and other conditions do not influence email marketing.

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