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What Exotic Food Have You Eaten?


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Time for me to insert a random question again! 😁

What exotic food or meal have you eaten? To be clear, with “exotic”, I mean food that isn’t commonly eaten in your area. It can also be something rare, or food that you believe people wouldn’t eat. 

I’m curious, comment below. 👀

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Ooh, fun question! So to start with - where I'm from, we do it basically anything (when it comes to meat / animal products) BUT I've eaten loads of fruit abroad that would be considered 'new' or different in Hungary (like durian - sorry, not a fan, mangosteen, jackfruit, even dragonfruit and stuff like that!) I love trying out new stuff though because it helps me connect to the culture just a bit more.

(numbing spicy food was also new for me. I haven't realised how much my spice resistance had changed until very recently.)

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This is an interesting topic i love it! 

Im from Turkey, but couple years back, i have spend 2 months in Latvia for a job. And there they have this big wholesaler supermarket. So i was buying my stuff from there. Once i saw "crocodile fillet" I tried that. I have never seen a crocodile was avalible as a food anywhere, i havent even heard of it before. It was more interesting to see crocodile meat avalible in latvia too, its too far north for crocodile 😄 We dont have it in turkey (Turkey dont have crocodiles in natural habitat)

It was fine, i grilled it on the pan with some butter and added some spices. Made some rice with it. It was interesting; it looks like chicken, white meat, tastes similar to chicken too, but has a little bit of a fish taste too. 

It wasnt bad, but i wouldnt get excited over it 😄 But my friends from latvia did not know that crocodile fillet too, i guess it makes sense that they dont have it commonly.

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