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Do You (as a Buyer) Read all of the Request Sent by the Sellers?


Do You (as a Buyer) Read all of the Request Sent by the Sellers?  

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  1. 1. Do You (as a Buyer) Read all of the Request Sent by the Sellers?

    • Yes, I go through all of the request.
    • No, I just skim through and choose on.
    • No, I read the Gig Title and Read interesting one only.

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  • 1 month later...

I have opened a request in the past. Just to see whats going on in there, so i can stand out in the competition.

My request was pretty hard, specially made it so. And added a little code like "Write KUDOS if you read all of it"

Still got tons of offers in minutes.

%90 percent was just copy paste, they dont even read what i did wrote. So, no KUDOS for them.

Most of them had really bad english, some of them struggled to understand what i did ask and tried to impress me with the lack of information.

If i remember correcly, out of 150 offers or something, 3-4 of them looked like they knew what they are doing, still was incapable of doing my very hard request(at least their gigs looked like they cannot approach to the quality i asked)

At one point i just skip trough them if they have a bad english, bad gig picture, bad profile picture, anything that i find proof for "lack of competency" 

The request i asked would take a week for me. So i imagine it would take a week for them too, and acted accordingly, i skipped anything that is too cheap. I took a look at the expensive ones. Never bothered with the 5 dollar offers. Because, even if the 5 dollars would be good for them, its not good for the community and the standarts of the job, it was a proof for me that they do not care for the quality or have the nescessary mindset required. 


If that is the situation for everyone, i imagine people will just skip most of the offers. 



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