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What is a fair amount of money per month earned on Fiverr?


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I am from Bangladesh. Being a student,

I would take Fiverr as an opportunity to earn some extra cash to leverage my educational and living expenses here in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. So I have a fair hope from Fiverr. Earning $200 per month would make me more than happy, as the cost and standard of living here is not that high. So if I can manage that amount from Fiverr I would happily continue my work here as long as I don’t get a job.

But I can see many Fiverr sellers are from developed countries. And many of you are working here full time. Living standard and costs in a posh city are huge. So how do you scrape a living out of Fiverr? Exactly what amount of money makes you fairly happy at the end of a month?

Please share your expectations.

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Hi and welcome. Dhaka was featured in a tv episode of Years of Living Dangerously. Wow! Your city faces some extremely tough environmental challenges.

Those of us that live comfortable and insulated lives in developed countries, that have never experienced gross economic hardships, lack of basic housing, sanitation, clean water, overcrowding or had to work in an unsafe factory for $2 a day, take so much for granted. Yet in your part of the world, that is daily life.

I applaud you for being a student. So many young people today are concerned about the condition that my generation (and the generation before) have put this planet in. You will face many challenges, however it looks as though you are off to a good start.

I have no idea how many Fiverr’s “scrape a living out”, but I suspect the number is incredibly low. To support one’s self totally and entirely from Fiverr would be quite a feat. I’m sure a few are doing it, and hopefully they’ll join this thread.

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Thanks for commenting, Sir.

Yeah, I didn’t watch that TV episode, but it is quite right. But I think the situation has changed a lot in the last decade. Right now about 95% people are having proper sanitation. GDP has increased in a substantial amount. More people are becoming educated, as people’s income has increased they are also having their houses of choice. Internet and satellite channel have spreaded throughout the rural areas. So people are getting more informed.

In our society, there are three types of people: rich, middle class, and poor. Rich people are having life standards no less than that of western countries. These people are becoming more rich, while the middle class is trying to catch them up. It is the poor who are being neglected all the time. I don’t know how they will come out of this vicious circle.

Being said, our country is progressing through all this. I hope within the next 20 years this will be a developed country. Every year, thousands of students are going abroad for higher studies. The number is increasing recently. Some of them manage to get admission in Ivy league colleges like MIT, Caltech, though the number is too small. These people hardly come back to home country, so we are losing the greatest assets of the nation. Even if they come back, they become corrupt.

But still we are developing. You are cordially invited to come and visit our country. It is one of the greenest of the world. You will find the longest sea beach- Cox’s Bazaar and the greatest mangrove fotest, Sundarban, the home of Royal Bengal Tiger. You can also enjoy your time travelling through numerous rivers. Though these rivers are dying out these days, as India restricts water by making barrage on their rivers.

So you know we are happy. In our country, getting job is tough, even if you have the best education available, because of nepotism, corruption, and competition. So many people are choosing freelancing as their temporary source of income like me. Their is nothing wrong with that as they can make more than what they get from their full time job. 🙂

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Guest celticmoon

You write so eloquently! Maybe you should offer travel blog articles?! 😉 Best of luck on Fiverr, and in your life~

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