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Payback of traffic 2x-7x - is a good result in the US and European markets?


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Hi, the forum!
Need your assessment

For more than 4 years I was engaged in buying traffic on Facebook and Instagram in the market of CIS and Europe, but mostly worked with the Russian-speaking audience.

Due to events related to some CIS countries, decided to work in the US/European market and demonstrate their professional skills and possibly join a team of like-minded people.

I just don’t know how important my experience is to the US and European markets and to the English-speaking audience.

I worked with CIS celebrities - experts in educational projects with up to 5 million followers on Instagram.
I sold e-commerce ads, but the budget was under $2,000

I’ve brought 1,000 leeds a day to a auto-webinar funnel for $1.
I have invested over $1,000,000 in advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

The average salary in the CIS - $500, so the amount I spent on advertising a day - was 2-5 times higher than the average salary per month.
I think that I am a big and strong specialist in the CIS market. But what about the US and European market? Do you spend millions of dollars a month on traffic?

How would you rate my experience regarding the market of Europe and the USA?

And also, please rate the level of my English. Do I write clearly enough?

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