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I can't understand i can stay in fiverr or no



Fiverr says that 15 march their new evaluation date, I can't accept any buyer request from 10 march, I don't know why, when I can accept buyer request, without buyer request I don't need to stay in fiverr. If any specialist know what can I do please answer me.  

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I can see that, You've received 1 star review 6 days ago.

To accept buyer request, you need to get it fixed with more orders to make the average ratings of 4.5/4.7 or above I think.

Or you can wait 60 days from the ratings your received (so 54 days more), the ratings for buyer request will reset and you can accept buyer request again.

So basically, you've 54 more days to wait or overcome with more jobs with 5 star ratings to make average of 4.5/4.7 or above.

Do not think about to delete in normal way and create a new account. It may lead your account to a suspension for having multiple account.

If you plan to delete your account, Better to contact with support and ask them for permanent deletion.

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