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Need someone to draw maps for video game


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I am completely new here and need a few hints.

I am trying to make a video game. I am alone and only have money from regular job.

The game is about sailing between islands and trading.

By now I found a good app for drawing outdoors locations.

What I need now -

  1. I want to put buildings on outdoors maps. I want their positions and angles to be random, so I don’t need ready maps. I need images of 3D fantasy buildings - each 3d building rendered from separate angles.

  2. Indoors areas - medieval taverns, shops, smithies, temples and the like. With relevant furniture and objects, but without characters.

    The perspective should be like in Baldur’s GateNeverwinter nights series. Of course I won’t expect same level of design, just the viewing angle.

    I understand it’ll take time, I am not in a rush.

    Please, can you recommend where to put my requests - in which category? Each request separately or together? Is my description good enough, or I need to give more info? And other recommendations?
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You can search the Fiverr site under Graphics & Design or possibly Video & Animation and use related keywords, or just browse through those categories to see if you can find an artist whose style you like. Another option: on your dashboard, click on ‘shopping’. On the right side you should see a link to “Request a Gig” which brings you to a page where you can write a brief request. Sellers will respond to you, but due to some limitations with that system, the gigs they send you might be quite right. Just message them to see if they have to the skills to create videogame graphics.

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