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fiverr should post this for any new members who join


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fiverr should post this for any new members who join... were having a huge difficulty with a seller right now for fivem and he is pretending like he has no way possible to contact us outside of though's messages but after research threw here game development is on the list for video calls... witch means we either hired an ignorant seller who didn't file his work properly or he is just refusing to call us as the seller... note; any fivem devs want to pocket some money from us and is willing to call us to speak, "English', instead of typing then contact me please... this seller has made our mess bigger then what it was before swearing if we bought his new city all our problems would be easier.... I'm sure you know what happened afterwards... we bought the city and he is of very little help pretending like its our fault now.. its ridiculous..

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