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What New Sellers Should Know...


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Being active on any platform will provide you with more opportunities from the platform. And it is not difficult to be active on Fiverr because there is a mobile application to install and use on your smartphone. One of the benefits of being online is that some urgent clients will search and filter the results for online sellers. So if you were online at the time, you are more likely to receive an order.

It is not easy to compete in every field, but if you offer a unique service that your competitors do not, you will succeed. You are more likely to get frequent orders when you offer a unique service on Fiverr since competition depends on both your competitors and the demand in the field.

On Fiverr, the first thing most buyers will do before they click the “purchase” button is to check out your seller profile. It’s important to invest some time and thought into your profile. You want to craft a page that displays exactly who you are and what makes you unique. From your picture to your description, think of your profile as a way to declare yourself, your skills, and why your buyer should choose you.

The gig image is the buyer's first impression, and if you can make it eye-catching and smooth, you are more inclined to receive an order. It is essential to have a professional gig image or video to demonstrate that you are a serious seller with more experience. Your gig description is the first thing the buyer notices. Always make sure to be clear and unique when describing your gig. 

When your buyer has placed the order's requirements, be sure to provide an update once you have received everything you need to get started. You should let your buyers know that you are there for them throughout so that they can stay updated on the progress. Be sure to follow up on any buyer questions or concerns to provide confidence in the process. 

For more information, this will help you: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010708757-Best-Practices-for-New-Fiverr-Sellers-Tips

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This here is a loaded question. There are so many things to know, and there are things that we continue to learn.

Here are some that I can think of:

  • Learn the platform
  • Learn what you are going to sell
  • Learn customer service skills
  • Learn to market what you are selling

These are the basic information you need to know to start.

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