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Hello Everyone,

Thanks for read my topic i hope you all read carefully everything and appreciate with me.

I have been working on fever for the last 5 years but one thing about this market makes me laugh a lot sometimes. If you guys search for "email signature" you will see all the ridiculous gigs from the first page to the 2nd to the 20th gigs which have no minimum qualifications to be approved. In the last 2 years, their clients have not been ordering and paying in Gig, but they are on the Thai side on pages 2-20. I know a lot of people who can't even find a good professional and a half gig. Fiverr says in their terms and conditions that the gig image should be good, but when you see these gigs, you get a big smile. So the main thing is to approve the gig without checking the fiverr, then did it match the work with their words ???

Before approving a gig without tarnishing the reputation of the marketplace and making it ridiculous to people, one should check whether the gig deserves to be approved. You can understand by looking at my attachment.

Thank you




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