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Please help me out!

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I am working on Fiverr science 2019. I was in a good rank in 2021 but this year I am struggling with my Fiverr gigs. Because I have tried a lot of things and still I have no orders. Some of my previous clients have given me some new work in the past few months. but that's it. I am having no new client's text messages. I need all of your help and guidance to get through this. 
Please visit my gig and help me with some suggestions.
Thank you.
Sazzad Hossain

My Fiverr Account: https://www.fiverr.com/share/VbG2Ee

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forget to put the link
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It happens. From what I understood, Fiverr rotates our gigs around so that newer sellers can get a chance as well. I also mostly get orders from returning customers, which isn't bad because they keep your profile active and post reviews that will definitely push your page up again.

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