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Thank you @seven_signfor the link! I have the Top Buyer option and it came to me via the notifications so always check that! Notifications can be easily over looked. It’s the little bell 🔔 in your upper right hand corner of the App.

I didn’t know that it was a hand selected process but it makes sense. I always ask the client if I can add them as a Top Client just in case. After I complete a project that I find fits my brand and I love, I will ask the buyer if I can display it in my Fiverr portfolio or on my demo reel and ask for the final link once it goes public. I always wait for the permission and formal OK because some projects are private and you want to respect your buyers privacy. 

Also, you can add a label to that buyer like “potential portfolio sample” and you can sort your 🏷 labels so you can follow up on all the buyers who may have the final product finished. 

There are some amazing Top Buyers searching around on Fiverr. EVERYTHING you do on this platform needs to be your best work including the way you write, speak and connect with others who may be different than you. 

Negativity and hostility is for amateurs. 

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