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How can I get the first order?



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4 hours ago, xpert_pro0 said:

How can I get the first order? Please help me

Services That involve sharing personal information of third parties 

We do not allow services that breach 3rd-party rights and lead to spamming individuals. In order to ensure this policy, we ask that the data provided in these services will be unique to each order and will only contain business data. 

 Do not post, offer, or ask for:  

  • Lists with data (such as email addresses or phone numbers) of individuals, only business data.

  • Premade lists containing personal data.

  • Scraping social media platforms to obtain information about others.  

  • The above is from the Community Standards under Prohibited Services.

  • Your gigs are likely to be removed at any time.

  • To offer such services is to risk your Fiverr account.

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1 hour ago, hasanmahmud7676 said:

Hello brother,

 Take my love. I hope you are well

As a one new seller, you will just follow up these tricks...

&.when, you will make any gig, please push up keyword on your gig tittle...

&.pushup (powerful keyword )

&. Write best and smart description...

&. Make Eye-catching gig image 

&. Active fiverr Forum 

&. Everyday active in fiverr 18+ hours..

&. Share your gig social media 

&. Try to your best.

I hope you will follow up these tricks. 

I will pray for you. Please, pray for me.


Thanks// Mahmud 


There is nothing much to say other than Mr Hasan.
He point out everything that you can do to get your first order. Just do not get disappointed and keep trying!
Sazzad Hossain

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