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The Horror Fiverr Story


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Long story sho...longer -> 

Long story short, my last message to the Customer Service -> 

Hi Customer Service,

Would you be so kind and please notice me?
I'll repeat once again, in simple terms.
1. I did everything my Gig advertised, the buyer was thrilled
2. I declined to give the buyer something I don't sell - post-delivery - he was coercing me into giving him something I DON'T SELL
3. The buyer reversed his review across the board to a very negative one out of spite
4. I got banned from the platform
It makes NO sense at all. 
I know that you have no reason to care, but this is literally my job, and although I haven't made so much on the platform yet, I'm a professional, and I was just starting to grow my business.
As a Fiverr user, who gave 20% of each of his deliveries to Fiverr, and 10% for withdrawal, I think I could at least get an honest explanation for this entire situation.
Kind regards
I only have 1 more reply at my disposal today (the crazy 5 posts a day forum rule) and this is my 4th one (I think) so I'll be out of posts very soon. 

Did anything similar ever happen to you? Because this is really insane. 
The entire story is in the link at the top of the post. 

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On 3/12/2022 at 2:05 PM, melanielm said:

Sellers don't get banned for one negative review. What was the reason for the ban?

Yeah, well, that appears to be on me after all. 

But get this, I reported him for harassment - no one cared. I reported him again - no one cared.


Do not:


Contact our users with offers, questions, suggestions, or anything unrelated to their Gigs or orders.


Send multiple unsolicited or deceptive messages.

He repeatedly asked for MIDI files although I told him right away that I don't sell those. He said it's "within his rights" and that he's "entitled to what he paid for", etc.


Since Fiverr cut of my ability to respond to his reviews and I was complaining about that to a friend...well, that friend kinda screwed me over. He did a little research and found all the contact data on the guy and gave it to me through a chat. I insisted that I'll go through Fiverr's CS, but he then sent him an e-mail without my consent, on my behalf. Well, I thought when I'm in this pickle now, I might as well make the best of it, so I sent him an e-mail as well. 

I mean, apparently I would've been banned after he sent him the e-mail, so it doesn't really matter. But at least I told him how he's an entitled little man that he is. 

Here is the e-mail I sent him in its entirety: 



Hello there,

So I see that you decided to revenge rage review me.
I realize that you don't care one little bit how this affects me in your blind entitlement rage, but let me clarify some points because you clearly do not understand how entitled and really evil you turned out to be.
I sell fully original songs as per buyers' requirements. 
I do it for $120, of which I get $96 from Fiverr. 
I spent 15 hours on your particular song. 
That's $6.4 per hour not counting the tip, but let's do it with the tip. I got $120 from Fiverr with the tip. That's $8 per hour. 
For that amount of money, I used almost 30 years of knowledge and experience, $10.000 worth of equipment + 10.000 worth of software. Just for your particular song. 
For $8 an hour I delivered a fully original song, tailored to your specifications, took in all your suggestions, and implemented them. 
Let's look at some data now. 
The average hourly pay for a Cleaner is $12.56. 
- link to that job data forbidden by Fiverr i guess - 
A person who cleans your place, using maybe $50 of cleaning products and not so much knowledge gets paid $4.56 more than I did in making your original song.
My communication was impeccable, yet I got a 1* from you on communication.
The product was delivered tailored to your needs, changes you suggested implemented, I did my best for the $8 I was paid. Yet, I got a 1* on "Service as Described". I did do exactly what my Gig described. I even went the extra mile, tried to make the song as good as possible. 
And you were dissatisfied with that so much that you had to screw with my livelihood. You had to rage review me because you FEEL that you're ENTITLED to more than I sell. What I promised on my Gig wasn't good enough. You needed MORE. 
The Gig clearly states what I offer. Yet, you didn't attribute the lack of information you had to yourself, no, you accused me of not doing my job properly when I did everything just right. 
And this review will be on top of my profile for a long time. It will deter clients. This is my livelihood we're talking about. And yet, you didn't care. You falsely reviewed me just to get "revenge" for the hours of meticulous work I put into the song I did for you. 
You know what you actually reviewed? Yourself. Your entitlement. Your blind rage.
Your disregard for other people's hard work. 
Do you even understand how wrong that is?
Also, to ask for a MIDI file and then tinker with it and use the original author's ideas in the future without paying the original author of their original song anything is so opportunistic and cheap that I lack the non-profane vocabulary to describe it. 
Am I holding my breath for you to reverse your review? I'm not. 
But if you have an inkling of humanity in you, you'll recognize that what you did was profoundly wrong and you'll have that awful anxious feeling inside your chest, the one people with conscience get when they wrong someone out of rage and maybe later realize they were wrong. 
If you don't though, the problem goes much deeper than the MIDI file, and there is nothing I can do about it. I doubt anyone can. 


You may say that I brought it on myself by trying to stand up for myself in a relationship with an abusive buyer and an apathetic Fiverr Customer Service. 

I may lose my account, but after 25 years of being a professional musician, from playing in front of 4 waiters in a shoddy bar to playing in front of 200k+ people and recording multiple award winning records, I'll be damned if I'll let an entitled kid at least doesn't hear what I have to say. 

Fiverr wasn't my primary platform, I work with my long time collaborators for the most part, although I must admit it's been a bit skinny in the past two years. But it seemed like a nice place to further what I do, and get into video game music production more than I previously could, although it's always been a big love of mine. 


Now...it is what it is. But really, who cares about that kid. 

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On 3/13/2022 at 5:01 AM, all_asmoule said:

What is the reason for the ban....?

My guess is he got banned because of the external email with the buyer. Fiverr always takes our chats monitored, so by retrieving the buyer's contact and sending that message, the seller and his friend basically went against the TOS, even if they were not discussing a job outside the platform with the client.

I agree though, reporting abusive customers doesn't really seem to do much. If getting in touch with the CS doesn't change your situation, you can only accept it as it is, report and block, then move on. I had a negative experience recently with a VID client who basically used his "power" on the platform to treat me and my work poorly, even leaving a 1 star review out of spite. That did not affect my overall rating, so I just responded to the review, offered my own feedback in return, and continued working like nothing happened (I already reported and blocked the person).

I know these things can really have a toll on you, but allowing your frustration to get in charge is not the best solution as you you may risk your account, which is essentially what happened here 😞

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