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My goodness, aren’t you brave! Trying to post your phone number on an internet site to millions of complete strangers from around the world! Good thing a sheriff fixed that, or you might’ve been inundated with calls for help transferring millions of dollars out of a war-torn country, for a nominal fee, of course. Or swamped with robo-calls wanting to help you with your credit card debt/underwater mortgage/IRS troubles/payday loan problems, etc, etc. Or worse.

Why not take it a step at a time? Read the link above, find out how to search for and buy the services you need, and be sure to contact sellers first to find out if they can help you with your problems. And, bad me for saying this, but is there anywhere in the U.S. not near a big box chain electronics and technology store associated with geeky guys & gals who drive around in VW’s? Is it possible you don’t live near one?

Here’s a safety hint: don’t share too much personal information with strangers, no matter what. Most of the time, nothing bad will happen. But why take a chance?

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