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Just got stolen by Fiverr. What can I do?

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To make a long story short, a while ago, I had made a purchase of several hundred dollars. Not satisfied with the result, I was reimbursed and I could not get the money back, it had to be used for other purchases. Okay.

I made several small purchases over time and even sold some services.

Today, with the notification that asks me to check my account, otherwise I won't be able to make any more purchases, I contacted the support team to know what my different options were since I won't be able to make any more purchases, nor withdraw the amount that is blocked and reserved for said purchases.

In response, I received emails that did not help at all, telling me that in case of a refund, the amount would appear in my account within 48 hours. To immediately discover that the remaining balance of several hundred dollars from the beginning had disappeared. Only the balance of my sales remains.

I replied to their email asking what was going on and why the money had just been erased from the account without leaving any trace of the transaction. Since that moment, no answer at all.

Now, what can I do to hope to get that money back?

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Do you have a Fiverr success manager?  If so reach out to her/him.  If not, keep contacting CS.  The messages go into a queue and are read by the next available agent, not the same one every time. 

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