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Can't find customers

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A problem with your gig is that it doesn't show any gig description.

After "About this gig" it just shows a line with no text before it. I don't see a gig video either (I thought they were mandatory in that category). You could add one if you haven't already so they have an idea how the editing might look.

In your profile you mention being able to create websites but you've not got any active gigs for that. You could add one if you wanted to provide that service.

On your profile the text in your gig image gets cut off - you could change it so it doesn't (maybe it's because of the aspect ratio).

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2 hours ago, emerywinston said:

Hello everyone. I've been on fiver for almost a month now and I can't find a client 😞
I offer video editing services. Did I do something wrong on my profile that scares away potential customers? Help me please. Thank you

This is my gigs https://fr.fiverr.com/share/5dRPzz

Your main problem was about section. it's  a blank. You should be given a gig discription


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