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Fiverr Suspends Business in Russia


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52 minutes ago, bradmitzelfelt said:

A lot of people, myself included, aren't standing with either side because they're both terrible.

Are you sure? It seems to me like you are quite certain which side you're on and now that your "no, you" argument has not garnered sympathy, you're virtue signaling and pretending to be apathetic on both sides.

1 hour ago, bradmitzelfelt said:

I stand with the good, honest citizens on both sides, however, who just want to live their lives without being screwed by their governments.

That's very honorable of you. I took a screenshot of your posts because I knew they would be deleted quickly. I'll upload them here so people can see what you're really about when they read your posts.



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Guys, please help... the fire is blocking my accounts and the money on them, does not allow me to use the money, does not return them to the bank account back, and also does not allow them to be spent in the fire system. Do they treat all Ukrainians like this? How can I get my money back, I really need it, there are almost 1,700 dollars. Help me please! Also, why are you deleting posts? Show people how you block their money, why not? Why are you deleting all messages?










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