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Milestones confusion

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Hi all! I'm aware of how the Milestones feature works, yet came across something confusing and I can't find a proper answer for it. The situation is as follows; 

The order is separated in 4 Milestones. We've entered the 3rd phase and on the order page it says:

'3rd Milestone: Waiting to start' & 'Buyer123 hasn't placed an order for the next milestone yet'. 

So I assume the buyer has to give the go ahead which is not a problem. What is a problem however, is that the countdown clock has already started and I cannot make a delivery...

Evidently I've contacted the buyer and asked to go ahead with the order so I can make a delivery but I was wondering why this is? That seems quite unfair to Sellers in my eyes.

How can an order that's waiting to start and hasn't been placed yet, already have started? That's just weird.....unless I'm missing something? 🤔 

Have any of you got experience with this? I'd love some clarification on this! 


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