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Creepy youtube channel scammers stealing gig videos from Fiverr voice actors

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Ok so I googled my Fiverr profile to view it as a client would, since I've recently revamped my gigs, and was confused to find my old gig video linked on YouTube as the top video suggestion.
I thought, "huh, I don't remember ever uploading this". So I clicked on it, expecting to see my own channel, but it was uploaded by someone else, called "voice maket" - (I feel comfortable posting that because the website and channel are defunct now with dead links and I want to let others now that their videos may have been stolen).
I checked the channel and found they'd posted over 200 videos of other VAs from Fiverr who's videos have been reuploaded on this channel.
In the description box, my video linked to voicemaket'a website, using a link that was otherwise identical to my actual Fiverr gig link, but clearly not from them. I have no idea what they were doing with this stuff - whether they were charging more there and then posing as clients on Fiverr, or if they were just straight up scamming people, but it honestly made me feel deeply uncomfortable to come across. Though the channel doesn't have many views or subscribers or anything I still decided to go ahead and file a copyright claim and would encourage others to do the same.

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The same thing was happening in the spokesperson niche a couple years ago on YouTube. There’s also fake accounts duplicating my Fiverr profile on a bunch of random sites. It’s so bizarre 

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I wonder if there's a way to report these to Fiverr directly, and if they'd take any action to protect their sellers from stuff like this... I think I ought to send CS an email.
As an update though, my copyright claim was successful and my video was taken down, so that's definitely an option for other sellers who have been affected by reuploads on YouTube. It even went through despite me not actively using that video anymore so I couldn't link them to the original, since I changed it recently, so that's great.

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