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What is the best way to show your talented work as an Android developer.

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As i always think, showing the Android apps i have developed directly is the best way to tell my development ability.

But how? sending the Android Apks to others and make others to install?  Something not smart enough.

How about sharing my Android apps through a URL? 

Just send the URL to the customer, my teacher, or anyone you want. Then anyone can view your talented apps online.

So I developed the teaco.io platform, just upload Android apps, then share it with others.

It is absolutely free now.  If you are interested in this, try it now. https://teaco.io/ 

The result is just like as follow. or you can view my test app directly by url  https://teaco.io/app/and/share?iid=498f1d5f-e62b-4fc0-ba0d-2c3a9776deb5&name=dice-roll ,and the shared password is : thIsMyApP


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