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Please do a Forum search. I know it might take a little bit of your time but if you really want to educate yourself there is a ton of good advices from successful sellers. No need for opening new subject. Good luck! 🍀

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Hello @web_expert_02, hope you are doing well, first order is very important for a seller to start the freelancing career. So I am giving you some real tips that will help you to get your first order very soon.

  1.  Be active on Fiverr as much as possible
  2. Use your pc to be active and try to turn on your mobile data on phone 
  3. Try to rank your gig in first page to do proper SEO and marketing
  4. Send effective buyer request in the fastest time that should relate to buyer requirements
  5. Be patient and pray to Allah

I hope you will get your first order soon, thank you very much and best wishes for you🙂

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