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Is Fiverr's new Algorithm forcing sellers to advertise in their In-House Advertising Program? Pushing tenured and sellers with long-running service down.

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May I inquire, my friends? 


I have been selling diligently and earnestly here in Fiverr since 2013.  

I have worked sooo hard to finish nearly 2k orders since 2013, and honestly worked painstakingly to get high rating consistently.  After December 2021, my buyer inquiries dropped by 90%! Since then, a week goes by, and I hardly receive any buyer inquiry.

It seems to me that the algorithm pushed my account to the bottom of their search system.  I understand new sellers should be given exposure opportunities too, but please, can they do so without pushing old time/tenured and high performing sellers down?

Any seller here who have the same experience/ good advice?  Thank you very much.


Kindest regards,


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Back in 2013, even up to early 2021, selling in fiverr seemed easy for me.  but when they introduced all these gig promotion and pay-per-click advertising feature, old sellers like me are pushed to the bottom of search system.  

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