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My account has been restricted after ID verifying failed.

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A few days ago, my account was notified for verification. As per instructions, I upload 1st and 2nd page of my national identity card with my mobile. I tried 4 to 5 times, but each time the verification failed for low image quality.

Then my account is temporarily restricted. Then after contacting Fiverr Support it gives me another chance to upload ID. Also offers selfies with ID cards. But before looking at the mail, I again sent the picture of the ID card with my mobile as before. As a result, my account is currently with the review team, which has been around for 20 days. But I haven't received any updates from Fiber yet.

When contacted by Fiverr Support, they say wait and can't say how long it will take for the review.

What should I do right now ???

Appreciate your help!
Thank you!

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