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Gig's not displaying by user name


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I’ve created new account which contains two gigs. 1 gig is graphics and UI which was getting good response but I don’t know suddenly what happen now, It’s not at all displaying by user name. my second gig is displaying by user name. Please suggest me. What are the factors that are affecting my gig display.

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Results on my searches:

Search for whiteorange = 1 result (php Gig)

Search for user whiteorange = your profile

Search for white orange = 97 results including 1 of yours (php Gig)

Search for White Orange = same as above

Search for WhiteOrange = 1 result (php Gig)

Search for ui,ux design = 297 results. none of yours.

Search for ,mysql, html,css,ajax, = 531 results, your’s appears in first 10.

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