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How i got on fiverr!


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Hello there, My name is Hamza and i am a fiverr seller.

I joined Fiverr a year ago. I have been working 16-18 hours a day on fiverr.

Basically i am an Engineer and i started learning Graphic designing in my University days. After i learned graphic designing. One of my teacher told me about fiverr that i have good skills so i should try freelancing starting from fiverr. And i have been working here since then. And truthfully i didnt got chance to work on any other forum.

At beginning it was tough for me as luckily my gig worked well and i got a lot of orders. But slowly and steadily i learned. It not only helped me in learning about freelancing but also helped me improving my graphic skills. I paid a lot of bills because of fiverr not only that i bought a DSLR i started photography which was my hobby. and I am very thankful to fiverr.com for this.

Soon my teacher discussed with me that we should teach this to other students also. So we started a software house and training academy named as “STEPS”. We started training young students who soon started earning from fiverr. There are a lot of them who paid their fee from it. Many even run their house through fiverr and i am also one of them.

Up till now we have trained more than 200 students and it was great experience because while teaching them we also learned a lot. Two of our students got “Top rated seller” position on fiverr. and yes they are earning really good. 🙂

I am also Social worker with a local NGO named as National Youth forum. We conducted my social awareness programs and also we pay school fee of 10 children . As in many projects fiverr helped me in paying some of its bills also.

Its been a great journey with fiverr. I learned a lot and i am thankful to fiverr for all of this.



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Hello Hamza,

Bohat khushi hoti hai jab apny kisi country fellow ko aisay tarakki kartay dekhti hu. 🙂

I also joined fiverr few months back but started using it on regular basis for past 25 days. And I became a level 2 seller now.

Wishing you best of luck. 🙂

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