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Add an option to report forum users.

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Fiverr platform has at least three ways to report users for inappropriate behaviour. Fiver forum has one - message the mod. I would really appreciate an option to report users efficiently and without the hassle. I'm getting really tired of spammers, who litter all over the forum every day with their nonsense replies and reactions on every single post ever made, which also messes with forum notifications. Not to mention, the "experts", who are spreading misinformation which can be downright harmful. An option to report users easily and efficiently would be very much appreciated and I'm a bit baffled it does not exist yet.

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Some old forum I used to visit had implemented moderator free report function.

I think it's how it works.

-Post should not be older than 24 hours to be reported. 
-and If the post has reported at least 5 times, from each of different individuals in span of 2 hours.
-and If the post doesn't have more than 1 like
Temporary banned from posting for 24 hours, but post will not be deleted. (Read only)

If this person temp banned for more than 3 occasion in week notification will be sent to moderators. Moderators will finally check if this person should be banned again or some group of people attacking this person. 🤔

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When we visit user profile, visitors get listed.

And after they can detect who reported them. It may become a privacy concern.

I agree we do need such option in case if profile picture is NSFW or profile has ads/spam ....

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