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Can i suggest to my buyer to another seller MULTIPLE time?

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I got a message from a buyer . But i am so much busy with other works. For that i suggest him to another seller . Is it any problem ?

I ask the buyer and ask me to refer the seller. I refer him like this way.

"fiverr.com/username, instead of username please put x(seller name)".

is the refer way okay ?


Thank you

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Sometimes, i am so busy to work for my some buyers. For that time, i suggest them to go to another seller , which is my friend also doing service providing here. Can i suggest multiple buyers to go to the seller who is my friend ?

Is it any problem here?

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I could be wrong, but I do not believe this is a problem. As long as you trust that person, and you know that person lives up to their services. The reason is that if they do something wrong, they can potentially burn you. Over time, that can ruin your reputation. So, always air on the side of caution when doing things like this.

personally, this is something I will never do, unless someone is working for me and I can supervise the work.

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