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Fiverr's Support of Ukraine


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On 3/9/2022 at 6:10 PM, webdivine said:

Good to hear that you are safe! Hope everything will be normal very soon. Take care. 💚

Thank you everyone who love reacted to my comment. 50 love reacts which is huge!

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Hi! I’m a musician from Ukraine, Fiverr now is single way to earn money for me. I write in a special topic for Ukrainian sellers a couple of months ago, but I’m still not in Ukrainian job store and clicks on my gigs  go down and down although I have good reviews and raiting

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On 3/5/2022 at 12:49 AM, mjensen415 said:


Words cannot express the sadness we feel for the people of Ukraine. Fiverr has employees in offices around the world, but one of our most beloved and vibrant teams worked in an office in Kyiv. That’s why, to us, this war is not a distant tragedy playing out on cable news and social media: it is a lump in our collective throats and a searing pain in our hearts that doesn’t go away. Fiverr is a family and our brothers and sisters are hurting. 

We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and all those impacted by this unprovoked attack. We also share in the outrage and frustration expressed by our global community—including many in Russia—but we also know that we are not powerless to help. And this simple truth gives us focus.

Before the invasion began, we worked to ensure the safety of our team in Ukraine, including helping them evacuate and relocate if desired. Taking care of our Ukrainian staff remains one of our highest priorities.

We’ve also looked for ways, big and small, to support Fiverr’s Ukrainian community. As part of this effort we have:

Enabled early payout for Ukrainian sellers, offering them the opportunity to withdraw their earnings immediately by waiving the safety clearance period.

  • Created a dedicated support team to help Ukrainian sellers with issues related to their accounts and work, and to provide anything else they need to navigate the uncertainty of the situation.
  • Ensured Ukrainian sellers will not be demoted or otherwise negatively impacted for issues occurring during this horrendous time.
  • Raised funds for World Central Kitchen, to help feed the nearly 1,000,000 people fleeing Ukraine to neighboring countries
  • Started building a special Fiverr store featuring Ukrainian sellers who are ready and able to work
  • Provided direct financial support to Ukrainian freelancers to help offset the cost of potential lost business.

Nobody knows how this war will unfold or when it will end, but please know that we’ll continue to work with urgency and passion to find ways to help our community. As we do, we welcome your ideas, thoughts, and encouragement.

Stay safe and strong,
Brent Messenger
VP, Public Policy & Community Engagement

This is a great commitment 

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On 4/9/2022 at 11:49 PM, artyombabe said:

Why is the firewall deleting my messages? Where is freedom of speech I don't understand? Do not delete, let everyone know what the situation is !!! Fiver stole my account where it was 1700 dollars and did not return the money to me. Who thinks about this? I am Ukrainian and I need this money after all today!!!










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On 3/7/2022 at 3:50 AM, softit_99 said:

Congratulations to the Fiverr team for giving such a great opportunity to freelancers in Ukraine. I also pray that everything will be the same again as before in Ukraine

War is really a bad thing.

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