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Fiverr's Support of Ukraine


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War can never bring peace. Violence and war are very bad, we must move forward to win humanity. What will happen with so much money and so many resources. Can't be taken with anything dead. So I think everyone should be obedient to the creation and give up the fight and extend the hand of friendship. What will happen with so many expensive bombs, so many expensive weapons, so many expensive bombs today. How many people in the world have died in a few days due to Kovid-19. Where was the power of the powerful country then ... Let's all stand by Ukraine. Support Ukraine.


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President Of Ukarine- 

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Here is my some contribution to this legend, I've made this, cause he is a true hero and world needs legends like him. I am very thankful for the fiverr, for standing with ukarine. My prayers are with you. 



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Hey dear Fiverr comunity! I saw this post on the topic of supporting Ukraine and I don’t know what to do. I'm an artist from Ukraine and have been working on the site for many years. My city Kharkiv is being bombed, I myself on the territory of Ukraine in the shelter now and I was very upset when I saw a message that Fiverr want to stop my account. I haven't left the country and Fiverr is my only source of income at the moment. I'm sure it's some kind of misunderstanding. Please help me figure it out( Support for Ukrainians doesnt work((((



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Thank you very much for your support. Ukraine really needs it! We are now going through a difficult path and we are very pleased that people, companies empathize with us, help us, are united with us, Thank you very much from all Ukrainian people.

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On 17.03.2022 at 08:04, inpaper said:

Президент Украины- 

Владимир Зеленский

Вот мой некоторый вклад в эту легенду, я сделал это, потому что он настоящий герой, и миру нужны такие легенды, как он. Я очень благодарен за Fiverr, за то, что вы стоите с ukarine. Мои молитвы с тобой. 



Our President of Ukraine is a hero! The best president. Our pride! A man who is really fighting for victory in Ukraine.

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war should replace with love and peace. Countries who captured other countries or parts of countries must leave the areas like india captured kashmir and india should make kahsmir free.

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On 3/4/2022 at 9:19 PM, mjensen415 said:


Words cannot express the sadness we feel for the people of Ukraine. Fiverr has employees in offices around the world, but one of our most beloved and vibrant teams worked in an office in Kyiv. That’s why, to us, this war is not a distant tragedy playing out on cable news and social media: it is a lump in our collective throats and a searing pain in our hearts that doesn’t go away. Fiverr is a family and our brothers and sisters are hurting. 

We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and all those impacted by this unprovoked attack. We also share in the outrage and frustration expressed by our global community—including many in Russia—but we also know that we are not powerless to help. And this simple truth gives us focus.

Before the invasion began, we worked to ensure the safety of our team in Ukraine, including helping them evacuate and relocate if desired. Taking care of our Ukrainian staff remains one of our highest priorities.

We’ve also looked for ways, big and small, to support Fiverr’s Ukrainian community. As part of this effort we have:

Enabled early payout for Ukrainian sellers, offering them the opportunity to withdraw their earnings immediately by waiving the safety clearance period.

  • Created a dedicated support team to help Ukrainian sellers with issues related to their accounts and work, and to provide anything else they need to navigate the uncertainty of the situation.
  • Ensured Ukrainian sellers will not be demoted or otherwise negatively impacted for issues occurring during this horrendous time.
  • Raised funds for World Central Kitchen, to help feed the nearly 1,000,000 people fleeing Ukraine to neighboring countries
  • Started building a special Fiverr store featuring Ukrainian sellers who are ready and able to work
  • Provided direct financial support to Ukrainian freelancers to help offset the cost of potential lost business.

Nobody knows how this war will unfold or when it will end, but please know that we’ll continue to work with urgency and passion to find ways to help our community. As we do, we welcome your ideas, thoughts, and encouragement.


Stay safe and strong,
Brent Messenger
VP, Public Policy & Community Engagement

Fiverr, thank you so much for your humanity! It really deserves respect. Such events should not occur in the 21st century. Glory to Ukraine, Ukraine - forward!

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It is impossible to describe how grateful we, Ukrainians, are to Fiverr for the help and the opportunity to work in these difficult times.💙💛

I live in Ukraine and love my country, it hurts me from what happens to us every day.😭

I would like to ask everyone who sees this message to help my family by visiting my profile or placing a new order. I really value my page and I want to win people's trust in order to receive orders and be able to feed my family.

Thank you very much Fiverr and all the people who will support us.❤️

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Hi, mjensen415.

I really apricate that you are thinking about your staff in Ukraine and people of Ukraine who are sufferings from the war.

and it is really great to hear that you are trying to help them on every possible way.

But I am just curious that Fiverr.com team didn't ever think about, 

Palestine / Iraq or just leave the Iraq it was the past.

But what about Palestine, or they are not humans or the have no rights to live peacefully and happily. 

I didn't ever see any tweet or message from Fiverr.com team and or from the owners of Fiverr.com for Palestine. You didn't ever talk about them you didn't did anything for them.

I didn't know why peoples can see just the Ukrainians, sufferings from the war. ( please note: I am against the war I am also supporting Ukraine). I think the war Between Ukraine and Russia its been a 20th day. and the whole world have condolence and prayer and support for the Ukrainians.

But Palestine peoples are sufferings from the war from past many years, they lost almost everything they have. Why peoples of Europe didn't talk about them why Fiverr.com and its staff didn't talk about them.

Is there are any difference In peoples of Palestine and Ukraine. 

Is there are any difference between the children's of Palestine and Ukraine.

You should support every living human in the world equally, everyone life is equally important.


If I said anything wrong sorry, but whatever I said is fact.


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9 hours ago, khani_gfx said:

I didn't ever see any tweet or message from Fiverr.com team and or from the owners of Fiverr.com for Palestine.

Are you aware that Fiverr is an Israeli company and that the owner is an Israeli man?

9 hours ago, khani_gfx said:

But Palestine peoples are sufferings from the war from past many years, they lost almost everything they have. Why peoples of Europe didn't talk about them

I've seen people from Europe talk about Palestine, just not here (it's actually rare to see people talking about politics on Fiverr's forum, because that's not what this forum is for); they do it on social media and elsewhere. If you're wondering why people from Europe talk about Ukraine more than they talk about Palestine, it's simple: Ukraine is in Europe, and Palestine isn't.  It's human nature that what happens close to their own country worries them more than what happens somewhere far away.

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On 3/5/2022 at 2:33 PM, iancharlestan said:

This is poster I design. Hope yours like it

antiwar ukraine.png

Wow what a great poster for stopping the war. I salute you. bravo

Them of the poster is war, and you want to stop the war. how can you stop the war by weapons.

if you want war so use war theme,


if you want peace then use peace themes in the poster.

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No one support war, people understand eventually after the second world war, but some time to protect our people and our border leader has to take a harsh decision, 60% of people unaware of why the war started, as leader Putin is quite popular in 2019 - 2020, he is bold and quick decision-maker, he knows what he is doing fully aware of consciences, I'm from India and Indian are neutral opinion on the war. but it is very sad to know many lives were killed. first covid then war, the world is facing huge lose

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