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How do you find out why an explainer video was removed?



I am new to fiverr (for voice over work) and still just trying to setup, but I'm not sure why my explainer video was removed by the Trust and Safety Team.  I don't think there was any message or notification that I could find about why. I kept it below 50mb (14mb) and I didn't use any copyright images or music.  The example scripts I was reading from came from a free use website for people creating first time demos.  Perhaps it was too long? It was 1:45 I think.  Should I just trim it and resubmit? 

In any event, thanks for listening^^ have a good one!

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18 minutes ago, clintwilliamson said:

It was 1:45 I think.

That was probably the reason.



Make sure your that video isn't longer than 75 seconds

Yes you could trim it and re-submit it as long as long as everything else about it is okay. You could check the gigs page/inbox in case there was a notification. Or you could check with CS for the reason but it's probably the duration.

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