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My completed order got canceled?

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Have this ever happened to you?

I just entered the site and I saw notification that the order got cancelled. The order was finished 2 weeks ago and everything was fine.

I'm unable to contact the buyer but I found his instagram and he said that his paypal got hacked and that might be a reason why that happened. I'm so confused and mad at the same time. The money is refunded.



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Contact CS. There is a seller protection scheme.


I doubt the buyer got 'hacked', and even if he did I think 'hackers' generally to want to take money from the people they hack, not get them refunds.

I wouldn't contact buyers off of the platform. It can get you a warning.

I wouldn't post their name on the forum. That's also not allowed.

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Just now, mariashtelle1 said:

Are you serious? Did you even read the topic? His order got cancelled and you are congratulating him? 

This is funny stuff. I thought the same, almost commented but then for a brief moment just gave up the will to live and you beat me to it 😆

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