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How I Increase GIG Impression?


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There are so many things that can be happening to affect this. You want to start by checking: 

  • Performance
  • Reviews
  • Your status
  • Your gig optimization
  • How many gigs you have
  • and your skills
  • Do not keep editing your gigs this can mess up the algorithm. 

Hope this helps!

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2 hours ago, gddsakib said:

Why gig impression difference in everyday?

Some days it increase much and some days it's extremly go down.

That's how it works. It's like a shop, some days you might get more people coming in and some days even no one. You also have to understand that Fiverr tries to give everyone a chance, this means that gigs get refreshed and rotated every once in a while.

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Fiverr will show you inactive if you are just logged in. You need to show the activity while logged in to Fiverr. For example, you will see how others wrote the gig descriptions and titles. Overall, you need to show your Fiverr activity. Otherwise, you will not show up online.

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