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After initiate bank transfer to payoneer a message shows Available for Withdrawal was not complete but balance was deducted?



HI, I just initiate my $741.72 Available for Withdrawal balance from Fiverr on 2022-02-27 evening but it shows a message that Withdrawal was not completed. Please try again or contact Customer Support for more details.- Fiverr Questions - Fiverr Community. But instantly the balance was deducted from my Available for Withdrawal and turn into $0. The money did not go to my Payoneer account and neither did I get Withdrawal Completed Successfully message from Fiverr but the balance has vanished.

Typically I used to receive my Fiverr balance to my Payoneer within 2 or 3 minutes but now its been 2 days long and
I m still not getting any massage of Withdrawal Completed Successfully and my balance is not going to my Payoneer?

I contacted Fiverr support and they told me this::>
I reviewed your account and found out that the $$741.72withdrawal made on 2022-02-27 is showing as a failed on our end. This means that funds did not go through to your Payoneer account.
Since Payoneer is the primary service provider for this service, it would be best to reach out to them and ask them to check.

Then I contact Payoneer they said me this::>
Please ask your Fiverr to provide you with a Partner Payment ID for the payment in question. The Partner Payment ID will help us to locate the payment. In addition, please provide us with the date the payment was sent and the payment amount.

I again contact Fiverr support they just hold me by saying::
Please bear in mind that this process is done by our relevant team and not Customer Support.
Therefore, we can not know how long it will take. Our team's response time might currently be longer than usual, given the growing demand from our community.
Rest assured that you will be contacted as soon as there is an update.

Already 2 days passed I did not get any proper solution ... I really need this money for my treatment please help me?


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