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What to do in this situation?


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Hello everyone,

So basically I want to know what a seller can do when he faces a FRAGGLESROCK person trying who tries to get you in trouble.

I’ve been selling a gig and a buyer came to me and messaged me if I can make his video and I said I absolutely can.

Then he said if I CAN provide a him a script and I said to him it is in the extra’s then he was happy…

10 Minutes later he bought the gig without the extra and he wanted me to write the script for a 5$ (without the extra)

… He made me a little mad because I am trying to get 100% positive feedback and If I didn’t give him the script he would leave a negative feedback… So I wrote the script and made the video.

Anyways, I want to ask, what you guys (as sellers) would do in this situation? Report him or fiverr or cancel his order?..

Sheriff’s Note: Before you start calling people names READ THE FORUM RULES.


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