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Ukrainian Songwriters

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Ukrainian songwriters - I have posted this bulletin here with the hope that it will be more visible than in the audio or news section. 

I will finish your songs, gigs or music for free. 

Please reach out to me on my profile proper (via message) and I will do whatever I can to take your current materials (including no material) to the finish line. 

I will also correspond with your client, explain my professional credentials both on the marketplace and in the music industry and make it clear that I am a third party being brought in to finish the materials. The client will not have an invoice with me at anytime and all credit/monies will go directly to you. 

I’m not sure about internet accessibility at this point … frankly, I’m probably not sure about a lot of things regarding your scenario, but if you’re reading this and you’re a songwriter - I’m offering to finish your work to the best of my ability. If it’s within my wheelhouse and abilities, I’ll get it done. 

Please do not message me here - for your privacy, please message me directly through my profile, which you can access by clicking on my user name and accessing the link. 

I can re-qualify the client and get all the necessary information from them. 

Hopefully this offer isn’t a patronizing miscalculation and impossible for you to even get to. I just don’t know. 

Again, if you are a songwriter currently in Ukraine and you cannot finish your current gigs - I will do it for free. 

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That's super awesome of you. There's a Ukrainian seller whose been a regular on this forum that I've been thinking about every day. I've never had an exchange with her and can't even remember her user name, but I think about her every day because...there's a lot of space in this house, and an extra bed.

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