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Buyer Requests Not Showing after Level Demotion


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Hi Everyone!

I need some help and guidance regarding buyer request after my level demoted to New Seller!

My level demoted by an order cancellation and now i'm not getting any buyer requests.

I've updated my gigs but still not getting any request.

Kindly guide me why I'm facing this issue?

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New Seller level sellers rarely see many buyer requests. This is by design, according to the system. You might to well not to expect the buyer request system to be your primary source of orders. I recommend doing a little research into marketing and advertising, and seeing if that can help connect you to a strong source of clients and orders. As a freelancer, here on Fiverr, is it your responsibility to connect to your target customers, and build a strong customer base. It is not Fiverr's job to do your work for you. 

Try some creative strategies, experiment, and find what works for you, and brings in the kind of customers you seek.

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