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8 hours ago, mh_pavel said:

Send some buyer requests and try to convert them in to orders on your gig, The more orders completed your gig would be chosen by the sellers.

I'm new seller. Can anyone please tell me how to get real customers? So far I have only got fraudsters in this platform who contact me directly and take free service without paying anything. Is this happening with others also? I really don't know

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I have faced an unexpected situations while working in Fiverr what made me little bit of surprised. After delivering the work in time with best quality, two respected buyers neither received the deliverables nor replied any feedback. I am interested to know that why they might do this. It is not any of my complaint but my request is to Fiverr authority so that Fiverr should give a reminder message to that buyers to give their review before leaving.

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I have sent a sample excel file for "Bulk-Email-List" to the respected buyer after a long chatting. After reviewing he asked me that, how could I prove these emails are relevant to the given niches?

Can anyone help me on this issue so that I could say these emails were relevant to the niches.


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How much did the buyer pay for the sample?

If it's just a sample, then you can say 'no', as providing proof wasn't agreed to be included as a part of the sample.

Take this as a chance to refine what you offer as a service. If you don't want to offer proof, then include that in your gig FAQ. If you do want to be able to include proof, then you have to define what that looks like, and then put that in your gig FAQ.

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1 hour ago, jonbaas said:

You are not allowed to offer any kind of service that posts (paid) reviews on other websites.

I think actually he asked about the scenario like: seller will pay someone outside of the Fiverr to give him a order with fake requirements, then leave a review by completing the order with out any work but the fake files.
It's directly like seller is paying outside for a dummy order and getting reviews. Or on the other hand you can say, some are selling reviews in Fiverr.

We can see that this is happening a lot in some specific countries, honestly!

You will pay $10 in local currency, You will get an order of $5 in your Fiverr account. haha!

Some syndicate has a great collection of buyers account. i.e. they operate buyer account from 50+ countries, they operate top buyer accounts by selling reviews only haha!

1 hour ago, jewel0191 said:

How does Fiverr consider the paid buyer review by any seller?

This is illegal. I understand that you could see so many doing it and nothing wrong happen to them.

But still it's actually illegal.

I'm not going to say like all other people that, Fiverr is suspend your account if they trace you. This is ridiculous to warn like this way in real life.
I will say, doing business in Fiverr with illegal steps will not give you much benefits to your growth.

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