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32 minutes ago, moshier_rahman said:

I 18 to 20 hours Fiverr online.

And what are you doing while you sit around waiting for orders? What actions are you taking during that entire 18-20 hours every day?

33 minutes ago, moshier_rahman said:

There is no click buyer response order.

You are not guaranteed any responses. Competition is fierce in the buyer request section. Perhaps you are not sending the best competitive offer. 

35 minutes ago, moshier_rahman said:

Please check my gig try to give your best suggestion.

In your gig you wrote: "NOTE: You have to pay your ads campaign cost. The gig only cover my service free." So you're offering all sorts of ad setup, but then you're going to leave the buyer to run the ad themselves? Find a way to offer a service that provides assistance. Perhaps buyers aren't interested in your particular set-up and run format. 

I also find it interesting that your profile states: "I am a professional Digital Marketer, Social Media and Ads Expert". So, you're an expert in digital marketing, but you here asking why no one is hiring you? As a "professional digital marketer", do you not know how to market and promote your own gigs and services?

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