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Fiverr mistakenly denied my best selling gig



Hello there,

So I've been on Fiverr since 2018. Yesterday, after updating my gig with some new photos, I got an email notification that I should remove my Behance link from my gig. Which I did - I removed the link from my gig description, and yet this morning I got a notification that my gig was denied (because I didn't remove the links as recommended). Which is weird, BECAUSE I DID remove it after receiving the email.

This is what they said in their email:

Unfortunately we had to remove your Gig due to the following reason/s:

  • We noticed that you included a link to an external site within your Gig. In general, we don’t allow the use of external links on Fiverr and ask that you do not refer users to sites other than Fiverr.com. You may display links to your work samples in your Gig portfolio. Please see Gig Policies For more information.
  • It seems that your Gig was not updated according to our previous recommendations or Gig correction reminders. We kindly ask for your awareness and responsiveness if your Gigs require modification in the future.

I know it was a Sunday, but did a human being actually check that I did the changes or is it all automatic?

After contacting support, they told me that the Behance link was actually in my FAQ section, and that my gig (with +100 reviews that I've worked so hard on) can no longer be restored. How is this fair? No one told me personally that I should look there too - I simply did not check that section, as it's been a couple years since I last edited it. Is there anything for me to do besides contacting support? This is clearly a big misunderstanding, and I'm not sure what to do at this point. 




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