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What's the reason I don't rank my gig?



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3 hours ago, jayeshkc992nft said:

Keep promoting in your targeted social media and active in forum i think it's a good solution for you

No, it is not a good solution at all. Being active on forum gives no impact to your gig performance. Stop spreading the hoax and spamming the forum.

@yusuf_meGetting the first buyer could take much longer than a month, a few months even. No one can give a quick fix or solution to rank your gig, not even top sellers. I'd suggest do a "research" by comparing your gig to other gigs in the same field or niche as yours that rank high, then evaluate your own gig and fix whatever is necessary. Perhaps it's the price? the gig's title or description? gig thumbnails?

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There are some rules ranking strategies on fiver. you following this topic i hope your gig will rank.

  • Focus low competitive keyword.
  • Use some LSI keyword in your gig description.
  • Optimise your description SEO friendly.
  • Research your competitor tag and use them
  • Last and important, Using eye catching gig image 

In this topics you follow i hope naturally rank your gig on fiverr.

Regards Benzir


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