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Your account may have been compromised



Today i've received an email and also an automatic ticket was opened at fiverr customer support saying that my account may have been compromised. Does anyone have revceived the same message?

here's the message:

We have reasons to believe that your account may have been compromised.

In order to protect your data and earnings, we have temporarily restricted your account and disabled the option to withdraw funds.

To have the account restored, please follow the below steps:
* Run an antivirus scan on your device and remove any malware that may be detected.
* Reset your Fiverr account password.
* Check your email account to make sure emails from Fiverr are not going to trash/spam.
* If you downloaded a file linked to mega.nz, please make sure to delete it from your device.

*Please reply to this email with proof of the antivirus scan (best are screenshots of the full scan).

Following your reply, we’ll forward this for further review of the relevant team.
(**In case you already reached out about the account security or someone from our team reached out to you, then you can disregard this email as it will be merged into an existing support request.)
We’re kindly awaiting your reply.


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