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Buyers post requests and then send you a Telegram link (scam)?

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I don't understand what is the point of sending someone's "manager's" Telegram link. I have sent offers to some requests and all of them replied like bots: "Hello, how are you? We have received your offer to translate... Please contact my manager on Telegram". It seems that Fiverr does not send these messages to spam folder, even though it is a scam. I tried going through the "procedure" of contacting these "managers" and ended up being given a job and ORDERED to do what they want, but with no order placed on the website, and the person which I replied to (on Fiverr) had already deleted their account. It kind of disappoints me that I didn't get to talk to a real customer and slightly demotivates me from sending these offers in the first place. Had anybody encountered this issue before?

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