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Fiverr Vision Program


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Fiverr Select program is amazing. Based on users’ invested money in a selected time period. 

What if?

Presenting Fiverr Vision program. For new users who invested x amount of money (like $1k or above) in first order. Users who bought a service of such monetary amount might have an elevated investment projection. The idea would be for Fiverr to quickly tend to potential “big whales” with a personalized program that will offer a broader, wider, easier, with a few freebies path, to keep investments at a more frequent basis. 

For example:

New user invests $3k for app development. 
Rapidly Fiverr recognizes this and offers the Vision program:

Hi, you can select one of these packages to keep going. We recommend package A (cheaper), B (medium), C (expensive).

Packages details: You might also need this and this and this. This package will cost x, oh but we won’t charge you for this (logo creation). 

You have the option to contact same user that went through this path and it successfully worked. (Ok or not)

Your orders take immediate priority, no client cue. 

A similar Fiverr team interface where users picks which seller to add to general chat to organize between sellers. User can follow up the sellers “technical chat” and make questions or provide guidance. 

Video conferences consisting of user, sellers and even Apple or Google or business representatives. (Ok or not)


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