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Fiverr ignore me from a copyright issue! I need an explanation


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Hi There,

Firstly I’m Virtues and I’m a top rated seller on Fiverr. I have some gig related to draw Simpson character and recently my gigs had to change, remove every word simpson in the title and description due to the copyright violation from 20th Century (Fiverr told me that).

Lots of sellers had the same problem but the one that have been featured and he’s also a TRS, too

He keep selling and violating the copyright. And he is the only one that still have good amount of orders because he had the word Simpson in his title.

I asked Fiverr tons of times for a clear explanation but I got nothing but ignoring my message.

What your thought? Is he featured and top rated seller so he could keep that gig running with the violation? And is Fiverr trying to protect him?

If any Fiverr staff read this discussion, please explain as I didn’t receive any answer from you. If he could do that, I must have right to do that, too. That’s not fair for hard working sellers.



Sheriff’s Note: It is not cool (or allowed) to call out others on the Forum.

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Reply to @biancha: Yes , Agree with Biancha. Contact the person or company that has the intellectual property rights for the character Simpson and ask for permission to keep doing what you do. If they provide you permission, you can continue with it.

For example, consider Youtube. This is the process they follow for Intellectual Property Rights claims. 🙂

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