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Hi There, 
I was looking for a service on Fiverr and found a bug there. I'll call it bug because the thing I saw it shouldn't be there. So If you search for the similar service your provide on Fiverr and luckily you see your own gig on search result pages you click on your own gig and then click on request a quote you can actually message yourself and send a a request for a quote. and it actually appears in your messages. 


And one more thing if you noticed it is asking me to respond within the next 6 hours the same way it shows when someone is late to reply to a buyer.


When you open INBOX your message disappears and when you go to unread messages or someone message you on Fiverr and you reply to them a message from yourself to you appears as chat. 

I'm slightly laughing and a little worried to see I don't know what will happen after 6 hours if it is going to harm my response rate or what is going to happen!

Yeah! I tried replying to myself haha but my reply doesn't count sending a reply doesn't count.

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